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Before you can become one of the Rocket-Boys, you must complete the following online training program. We have set the various training classes to music in order to help you assimilate the information as easily as possible. You will need to have an MP3 player on your computer to listen to the lessons.

Who are the Rocket-Boys? "Why do we go up there?" best describes the motivation for becoming one of the Rocket-Boys.

The Rocket-Boys are all about speed. Engines are very important.

While the Rocket-Boys go zooming about, they must keep track of their position. Navigation is key to finding the way home.

All Rocket-Boys must learn the Rocket-Boys Theme Song.

How not to arrive at AirVenture is presented here so that the Rocket-Boys can learn from other's mistakes.

Captain Kirk, one of the original Rocket Boys, explains what it is like to be a "Rocketman"